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Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

1 Person- 525 € (VAT included)

2 Persons - 795 € (VAT included)


Contact: Viajes Viloria

Contact: Viajes Viloria

For any further information about the Bono Iacobus please call us on (+34) 902 190 160 / +34 981 568 521 or send us an e-mail: info@galiciaincoming.com

Bono Iacobus - Southeast Way

The Complete Way

Bono IacobusOriginally, the Vía da Prata was already used in Roman times to connect the south with the northwestern part of the Iberian peninsula. Some explanations consider that the term “Vía da Prata” derives from the original Arabic etymology Ba’latta, which is how the Muslims called that wide cobbled public road which led up towards the Christian north. Others associate the name with the use of the road for the trade of American silver from Seville’s wharfs. It was also the route for the expansion of the medieval kingdom of Galicia-Leon towards the south.


The Vía da Prata, also known as the Southeast Route, has its origin in Andalusia and Extremadura. There are several routes deriving from this one in Galicia, and the route that connects Verín with Santiago de Compostela offers the Bono Iacobus voucher. During their journey through Galicia pilgrims can enjoy a captivating natural landscape, full of medieval bridges, ancient churches and pazos (Galician mansion belonging to a noble family).

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