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Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

1 Person- 545 € (VAT included)

2 Persons - 785 € (VAT included)


Contact: Viajes Viloria

Contact: Viajes Viloria

For any further information about the Bono Iacobus please call us on (+34) 902 190 160 / +34 981 568 521 or send us an e-mail: info@galiciaincoming.com

Bono Iacobus - Northern Way

The Complete Way

Bono IacobusThe Northern Way is perhaps the most historical route, the first one that the pilgrims of all the European Christianity of that age take to reach Santiago de Compostela. The origin of the pilgrimage to Santiago by the route of the Cantabrian coast goes back to the immediate later moments of the discovery of the tomb which is said to be that of the Apostle Santiago Major (9th century).


The dominion of the most part of the Iberian Peninsula by the Muslims, isolated the Christian Kingdoms in the northern areas of the country. The Jacobean Ways of the ancient Kingdom of Asturias were pioneers in directing the devout pilgrims to Santiago.

The Northern Way was established as a medieval route that created an international Jacobean flow to the sanctuaries of Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela. These pilgrims came by land from France, or by sea, ending up at the Basque and Cantabrian ports, coming from places as England, Flanders, Germany and Scandinavia.

The itinerary of the coast enjoyed a vitality similar to those of the "primitive" ways , before the Hispanic monarches in the 11th – 12th century promoted the French Way as a privileged itinerary, backboning the Christian Kingdoms of the northern part of the Peninsula.

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