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In A Ría de Arousa...


Marine tourism...

Ría de Arousa

This ria adds to its great Maritime Tourism possibilities and the famous wine "Albariño" of the brand Rías Baixas. We recommend the villages of Cambados. Vilagarcía, Sanxenxo, O Grove, Arousa Island or Catoira, that still conserves the ruins of the "Western Towers", fortress built to protect Galicia from the Vikings. In addition we want to highlight the National Park of Corrubedo which preserves one of the best sand dunes in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Vilaxoán


    The town took on importance during the late 18th century thanks to Catalonian businessmen who promoted the local salting industries, mainly sardines, in which virtually all Vilaxoán's residents were employed. It has kept its traditional seafaring neighbourhood, with its colourful, charming houses...

  • Birthplace of the brothers Camba

    Birthplace of the brothers Camba

    In the neighborhood of Vilamaior is the birthplace of the brothers Julio and Francisco Camba. This is a typically Galician stone structure with an exterior stairway with upper terrace, and noble coat of arms on the front...

  • Punta Cabalo Lighthouse - Estuary of Arousa

    Punta Cabalo Lighthouse - Estuary of Arousa

    Built in 1852 on Cabalo Point, a rugged granite headland surrounded by peaceful little coves, this small lighthouse enjoys excellent views out over the Arousa Estuary and the nearby coastline at O Barbanza with Mount A Curota on the horizon...

  • Porto Meloxo neighbourhood

    Porto Meloxo neighbourhood

    The O Grove seamen's neighbourhood dedicated to coastal fishing and mussel harvesting. Nearby one can find traditional boats, wooden boat builders and old salting factories...

  • Lordelo neighbourhood

    Lordelo neighbourhood

    In Lordelo the visitor can stroll through its narrow streets and see its traditional seafarers' houses, as well as the spectacular panoramic view of the Arousa Estuary...

  • Pombeiriño Lighthouse

    Pombeiriño Lighthouse

    Situated on the western tip of the O Grove peninsula, the lighthouse marks the channel between O Grove and Sálvora Island as well as signalling the mouth of the Arousa estuary. From here one can see the hills of San Vicente do Mar...

  • Chapel of Nosa Señora da Lanzada

    Chapel of Nosa Señora da Lanzada

    Romanesque chapel from the late 12th / early 13th century. The church has a single nave and a semi-circular apse. The western facade features a fine rose window. Situated on the A Lanzada beach, a long, sandy stretch which connects to the O Grove peninsula...

  • Cabo Corrubedo Lighthouse

    Cabo Corrubedo Lighthouse

    The lighthouse at Corrubedo is built on a rocky headland from where on can see the impressive sand dunes of Parque Natural Dunas de Corrubedo, a vast sand mass which is in constant movement...

  • Illa Rúa Lighthouse

    Illa Rúa Lighthouse

    Situated in the middle of the Ría de Arousa on a rocky islet. It dates back to the year 1869, although it is noteworthy today for the spectacular views from the lighthouse of A Curota, Cabío beach and the town of A Pobra do Caramiñal...

  • Illa Sálvora Lighthouse

    Illa Sálvora Lighthouse

    Situated on the most prominent headland to the south of the island, at a place known as Besugueiros Point, the original 1847 plans for this beacon conceived it as a small local light which, just six years later, became a fully-fledged lighthouse...

  • Xobre


    Traditional seafarers' houses...

  • A Pobra do Caramiñal

    A Pobra do Caramiñal

    The town was created by the fusion of two villages: the noble Pobra do Deán and the seafaring Caramiñal, which gave rise to the present day town in 1822. It is a special charm thanks to the concentration of mansions and stately homes, together with a well-preserved historic centre...


  • Covecha neighbourhood - Pobra do Caramiñal

    Covecha neighbourhood - Pobra do Caramiñal

    Old seafarers' neighbourhood...

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Museo do Mar de Rianxo

Rianxo Maritime Museum

 When visiting this museum we will be travelling through the different areas of the life of Rianxo in relation to the sea, tackling the obtaining of sea food, building their boats, means of locomotion, tools used, etc. 
Booking: Museo do Mar de Rianxo
Centro de Interpretación Arqueolóxica de San Roque

Archaeological Interpretation Centre of Periurban Park of San Roque Galicia

This interpretation centre houses two exhibitions: one based on Neolithic archaeology, Bronze Age and Iron Age; and the second about the sea and fishing, lighthouses, traditional vessels, seamen’s houses and fish market among others.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación Arqueolóxica de San Roque
Cruceros Ángel, S.L.

Tourist cruises from O Grove

Cruceros Ángel offers different alternatives: Estuary cruises: Trip along the estuary visiting mussel, oyster and scallop breeding farms with seabed views. Approximate duration and calendar: 1 hour 15 minutes. All year round. Trip to Sálvora island: Visit Sálvora island with the Atlantic Islands Land Maritime National Park authorization, accompanied by a guide telling you about the environmental value and biodiversity of estuary on land and at sea. Approximate duration and calendar: 4 hours.  From March to October. Trip to Areoso island: Sailing with destination Areoso island to enjoy its fine sand and crystalline waters. Approximate duration and calendar: 2 hours 30 minutes. From July to September.  
Booking: Cruceros Ángel, S.L.
Caminando por el Mar

Maritime routes from Ribeira

The company offers different maritime routes covering the fishing areas of sailors and shellfish harvesters with visits to hatcheries and different islands. Stories and legends related to Arousa estuary and seafaring work are told.
Booking: Caminando por el Mar

Seabird sighting routes

 From the Chasula vessel you can sea bird sighting routes all year round. There is a spring-summer pelagic bird sighting route and an autumn-winter and spring route for sighting winter migratory birds. Two available routes: inside the estuary or open sea. 
Booking: Intramar

Sport fishing on board ‘Chasula’

The ‘Chasula’ offers sport fishing days on board for all those wishing to enjoy this activity sailing out to sea.
Booking: Intramar

Routes on ‘Chasula’ boat – Intramar

 Workshop classroom and seafaring trades: Workshops are organized on traditional fishing gears and techniques, use of safety and salvage material, reading sea maps, etc. INTRAMAR works in collaboration with GUIMATUR to show the seafaring Cambados. Tourist routes afloat: Guided visits to the islands: The Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime Land N.P. (Cortegada, Sálvora, Ons y Cíes). If you have a day to discover the estuary, INTRAMAR offers a unique 35 mile trip lasting between 11 and 12 hours. Marine knowledge: Fishing and shellfish harvesting activity on the estuaries. Visit the floating marine breeding farms. Arousana Jacobean Route: From the Arousa estuary turning back to Ulla river until Cesures recalling the Apostle’s Trail. Cambados by the sea: Guided sea and land routes to discover the seafaring culture of this town.Fishing related activities: We will observe purse seine fishing and its fishing gears: purse seine, royal purse seine, ‘traíña’, cast nets. Fishing ‘ao asexo’ (at night) and ‘lusada’ (first light of day). Daytime purse seine fishing to catch bait.   
Booking: Intramar
Nostramo/Nieves (Arousavela, S.L.)

Trips on ‘Nostramo/Nieves’ sailboat – Arousavela

 Arousavela gives us the opportunity of travelling on a sailboat along Arousa estuary to Sálvora and Ons islands, with the option of consulting other routes. Environmental and cultural activities are also carried out on board.  
Booking: Nostramo/Nieves (Arousavela, S.L.)
Minicruceros Proba, S.L.

Trips along Arousa estuary

 Visit mussel, scallop and oyster breeding farms: A stop will be made to see the seabeds. Approximate duration and calendar: 1 hour  15 minutes. All year round.  Night-time shellfish feast: Enjoy a shellfish feast on board at night with ‘queimada’ (typical Galician beverage) Approximate duration and calendar: 2 hours 15 minutes. All year round.   
Booking: Minicruceros Proba, S.L.
Pescanatur O Grove

Shellfish harvesting route on foot in O Grove - Pescanatur

Enjoy a route on foot along the shellfish beds of the Rías Baixas. The shellfish harvesters work here daily and they will be your guides in addition to showing you how clams and cockles are harvested on the beaches, the different holes left in the sand, how the fish market works, the betting process, etc.  
Booking: Pescanatur O Grove
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