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Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

1 Person- 545 € (VAT included)

2 Persons - 785 € (VAT included)


Contact: Viajes Viloria

Contact: Viajes Viloria

For any further information about the Bono Iacobus please call us on (+34) 902 190 160 / +34 981 568 521 or send us an e-mail: info@galiciaincoming.com

Bono Iacobus - Northern Way

The way day by day

Day 1


Ribadeo / Vilanova de Lourenzá - Stage 1 (28 Km)

The walker leaves Ribadeo passing by the football field, just in front you can see the Jacobean sign, and goes in the direction to the cemetery. After covering close to nine kilometers, almost all in ascent, the route arrives to Vilela. Once passing this village, the stage continues on plain ground to O Esfolado and then, climbing again, it will take us from here up to Vilamartín.


A descent of three long kilometers brings us over to Gondán, and walking up and then down through some very well signposted tracks, the route passes first through O Corveiro and reaches Vilanova de Lourenzá, town built up around the Benedictine monastery  founded in the 10th century. 

O Cabazo da Curuxa
Lourenzá / Stage 1

O Cabazo da CuruxaBetween the lovely beaches of A Mariña and the forests of Trabada, in the valley crossed by salmon rivers, O Cabazo da Curuxa conserves its original rustic atmosphere of a stone and chestnut house. Its nice five rooms are completed with a wood stove. Its garden with fruit trees and presided by an impressive granary, Mondoñedo style, also has a porch and a little terrace that overlooks the valley.


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