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Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

Price (dinner and breakfast included)...

1 Person- 370 (VAT included)

2 Persons - 560 € (VAT included)


Contact: Viajes Viloria

Contact: Viajes Viloria

For any further information about the Bono Iacobus please call us on (+34) 902 190 160 / +34 981 568 521 or send us an e-mail: info@galiciaincoming.com

Bono Iacobus - English Way from Ferrol

The Way day by day

Day 1


Ferrol / Cabanas – Stage 1 (27,6 km)

The route begins at Curuxeiras dock at the Port of Ferrol. Leaving the Paseo da Mariña promenade behind, the route leads to the church of San Francisco, the Arsenal and the Concathedral of San Xiao, crossing Rúa Real, Praza de Amboaxe, Praza de Armas and the City Hall. You leave Ferrol through the Recemil and Caranza neighbourhoods and carry on parallel to the river estuary until reaching the monastery of San Martiño de Xubia. From here, passing by the tidal mill of Aceas de Lembeie, you cross the bridge over the River Xubia to reach Neda, where you cross Rúa Real with its arcaded houses. Carry on through O Regueiro, O Puntal de Arriba and Conces to come to Fene. Skirting the Vilar do Colo industrial park, you enter Cabanas to reach A Magdalena beach.

Perfil Ferrol Cabanas

Casa Pousadoira
Miño / Stage 1

Casa PousadoiraThe house opened in 1995, aiming to recover an old farmhouse, together with the lands it used to serve. The orchard has, since then, been registered in the Regulating Council of Organic Farming for Galicia. Visitors can also taste the farm's own eggs and home-made preserves. Casa Pousadoira is a bet for life and work in a rural setting, based on respect for the environment and natural and manmade surroundings.

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