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Santo André de Teixido

Santo André de Teixido

The 'milladoiros' – or mounds of stones that are grouped on either side of the road leading to the church of Santo André de Teixido...


Cuisine: "Gastronomía de Galicia"

In Galicia you might miss some things, but you cannot miss its cuisine...


Festivals and gastronomy...

The finest example of local cuisine can be found in its traditional Feira do Polbo in Mugardos declared an official Tourist Event, and also in its capsicums from O Couto, which have a Protected Geographical Indication. 
Every year, Celtic music fans from round the world visit the Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta in Ortigueira, which is an International Tourism Event. Holy Week   in Ferrol was also honoured with its declaration as a National Tourist Event. Galician Tourist Events include the Romaría do Bosque in As Pontes de García Rodríguez and the Festa das Alfombras Florais do Corpus Christi in Ares.

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