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The valley of the River Navea

The valley of the River Navea

The valley of the River Navea is a protected landscape. It is dominated by trees, such as the large forest of San Xoán de Río or the famous chestnuts in the district of Trives...


Cuisine: "Gastronomía de Galicia"

In Galicia you might miss some things, but you cannot miss its cuisine...

Manzaneda - Trevinca

Festivals and gastronomy...

One festival in this geodestination stands head and shoulders above the rest, to the extent that it was declared a Galician Tourist Event: the Folión Tradicional, which takes place in the municipality of Manzaneda and whose main character is the Mázcara; there are folións in other enclaves of this geodestination, one of the most noteworthy being that of Vilariño de Conso. In A Pobra de Trives, culinary tribute is paid to its excellent sausage, months before the veteran Xornadas Internacionais do Folclore takes place in the same town. .

But if these lands are well known, it is not only because of their festivals, but especially because of their wines, which seek their own market by relying on a their own Designation of Origin, Valdeorras (of the eleven grapes, the most important are  the Mencía and the Godello). Some of the wineries that are located not far from the River Bibei (in Larouco, a Roman road with a seemingly impossible design, especially two millennia ago, and dramatically crosses the drop to the stream) appear to be built in places that are simply inaccessible.

As expected, the cuisine is traditional and typical of the mountain. Honey is present everywhere in Galicia, but here it has a reputation for quality. Moreoever, this geodestination boasts fine chestnuts. Both Galicia's honey as well as its chestnuts are products with a protected geographical indication.

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