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GR 58 Sendeiro das Greas


On the Camino de Santiago



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General / landscape interest
The longest of the Long-Distance pathways in Galicia runs through all the municipalities of the Joint Community of Vigos Inter-municipal Area.

There are a large number of environmental attractions, through areas of great beauty, with no shortage of local architecture such as the Devesa mills, Barragán carballeira, fraga and banks of the Couñago, foxo de lobos (an old trap for catching wolves), the forest along the banks of the River Borbén, the River Zamáns and As Maquías mills, the Miñor marshes, the coastal cliffs of Baiona, Oliveira fraga.... Not forgetting major constructions that help to interpret the culture of these lands, such as Monte Penides megalithic site and the El Rei barrow, the Chandebrito Castro, Soutomaior castle or unique constructions like the mansions of Pegullal, Aballe and Picoña, in the municipality of Salceda de Caselas.

Viewpoints along this route overlook the finest sights in the south of Pontevedra province. Continuing clockwise, we come to San Simón bay, the River Oitavén canyon, the River Borbén valley, Baiona bay and the Monteferro peninsula with the Cíes islands like a backdrop, part of the new marine-terrestrial Atlantic Islands National Park.

The mountains make their presence felt in the Sierras of O Suído, O Galiñeiro and A Groba, like silent guardians of the road.


By motorway to Vigo airport or numerous access points along the route.

The Ways of St. James

Portuguese Way along the Coast | The Portuguese Route
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cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

Cartography: Nº 185-IV Soutomaior, 186-III Ponte-Caldelas, 223-II Redondela, 223-III Vigo, 223-IV Mos, 224-I Barc



Bicycle access

Partially suitable

Horse access

Partially suitable


Duration (hours): 70


Enviroment M.I.D.E.
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Itinerary M.I.D.E.
Effort M.I.D.E.


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Cumulative elevation gain: 6632 m. | Cumulative elevation loss: 6632 m. | Maximum height above sea level: 766 m. | Minimum height above sea level: 0 m.Image 33749

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