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The town of Combarro

The town of Combarro

The town of Combarro, with its roots deep in fishing, is a highly original enclave due to its perfect adaptation to the environment in which it is located and the traditional way of life....


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Ría e Terras de Pontevedra



This geodestination presents, among others, two strong points. One is the coastal village of Combarro, with its granaries literally stuck in the waters of the estuary of Pontevedra. The second is the Portuguese Way to Santiago, which enters Galicia through the town of Tui, crossing the territory in a south-north direction.  

Stone, sea, beach, mountain and river. These words sum up what this geodestination offers. That is, a huge range of possibilities among which the city of Pontevedra itself should be highlighted. Its historic centre was renovated in the last decade and it is a pleasure to stroll along its rúas, for both locals and visitors alike. Inside, several landmark buildings house a museum that, because of the significance of its collection, goes far beyond the local dimension: the Museo Provincial de Pontevedra. Also standing out are two monuments in the city: the Santuario de la Peregrina, with its shell-shaped floor plan and the Basilica of Santa Maria A Maior, built by the guild of sailors in the 14th century.
To the north – before reaching the tiny, well-preserved historic centre of Cuntis – are petroglyphs of Campo Lameiro – a series of rock art unique in the world and which is currently home of the Parque Arqueolóxico da Arte Rupestre. The facility was opened in July 2011 and ensures the protection of the petroglyphs that allows the many visits they receive to be organised. The park covers an area of  nearly 22 hectares and comprises about one hundred rocks with prints that the engravings. It is designed as an open landscape, similar to as it must have been in the past. The oaks that form small forests help to give it that feeling.

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