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Santo André de Teixido

Santo André de Teixido

The 'milladoiros' – or mounds of stones that are grouped on either side of the road leading to the church of Santo André de Teixido...


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The Ferrol of the Age of Enlightenment (the city of the Arsenal around which this territory marked by the imprint of the Andrade family is structured, and one of the gates of the English Way to Santiago) and Moeche castle (centrepiece of the historic Revolt of Irmandiños) make up this land's letter of introduction


Among the wealth of historical heritage possessed by the geodestination of Ferrolterra, some of the most noteworthy in the city of Ferrol include the Magdalena district and stately plazas de Armas and Amboage and its important Naval Museum. From its vantage point, the Castle of San Felipe keeps watch over the  A Palma Castle (in Mugardos)and between the two, they protect the entrance to the estuary. The tower keep of the Andrade family castle in Pontedeume along with the Fort of Naraío in San Sadurniño are also important examples of the fortified architecture of this part of Galicia. The Monastery of Caaveiro in A Capela, the Convents of Santa María en Monfero, San Martiño de Xubia or O Couto en Narón bear witness to the splendour that the monastic orders attained in this land in years gone by.

Ferrolterra is also a land of shrines. Some prominent examples are the Baroque Church of Santa María with the Cristo de la Cadena (Neda), the Church of San Miguel de Breamo (in Pontedeume), the Church of Santa María de Doroña (in Vilarmaior), and, in As Somozas, the breathtakingly beautiful baroque Church of Santiago.

The villages that dot the landscape of this land hold tight to the essence of yesteryear. Good examples are the village of Ares – with its houses featuring balconies for hanging up fishing nets – the small village of Redes, where the back part of the houses become piers or the Barrio Ortigueira do Ponto district in Ortigueira,  where one can take a walk back in time.

Also remaining in this landscape are traces of ancient peoples that bring history close to us, such as the Vixía Herbeira  dolmens or the Castro culture complex of Punta do Castro and the Roman/Gallaecian village of San Xiao do Trevo in Cariño, or the archaeological site of the settlement of the Castro de A Vila da Igrexa in Cerdido, the fortified pre-Iron Age Roman town of A Frouxeira in Valdoviño and the megalithic burials in O Porto Roibo, Abelleira, Mourela and Vilavella  en As Pontes de García Rodríguez.

Ferrolterra looks out on the world through its Estaca de Bares lighthouse, in Mañón; and it also has plenty of room to see life from a different perspective in the singular Museo del Humor in Fene or from the beach and the pine forest of Cabanas.


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