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The best beach in the world

The best beach in the world

According to The Guardian, the beach in Rodas is the best in the world. Integrated into the Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas...


Ría de Vigo e Baixo Miño


The geo-destination, Ría de Vigo e Baixo Miño, contains the municipalities: A Cañiza, A Guarda, Arbo, As Neves, Baiona, Covelo, Crecente, Fornelos de Montes, Gondomar, Mondariz, Mondariz-Balneario, Mos, Nigrán, O Porriño, O Rosal, Oia, Pazos de Borbén, Ponteareas, Redondela, Salceda de Caselas, Salvaterra de Miño, Soutomaior, Tomiño, Tui and Vigo.

Samil, O Vao, Patos, Praia América... The southern shore of the Ría de Vigo is a succession of large beaches of golden sand and secluded ports such as Canido or Panxón. And guarding the entrance to the estuary, opposite the modern and enterprising city of Vigo, the paradise of the Cíes Islands.

Baiona was the first port in Europe to receive the news of the discovery of America, which is celebrated in high style in the "Festa da Arribada". With its lively old town, its wonderful bay and its yacht clubs, holidays can be enjoyed here all year round.

Located on the border with Portugal and in the midst of a natural landscape on the banks of the River Miño, Tui is a monumental city built around a walled cathedral. Nearby, is the nature reserve park of Monte Aloia.

Inland, one cannot miss Mondariz, a hot springs town par excellence, with a superb spa and golf course. In addition, O Rosal, a fertile valley of kiwis, flowers and vineyards in the D.O. of Rías Baixas. And A Guarda, famous for its lobster and the imposing fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of Monte Tegra.


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