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The town of Combarro

The town of Combarro

The town of Combarro, with its roots deep in fishing, is a highly original enclave due to its perfect adaptation to the environment in which it is located and the traditional way of life....


Ría e Terras de Pontevedra


The geo-destination, Ría e Terras de Pontevedra, contains the municipalities: A Lama, Barro, Bueu, Caldad de Reis, Campo Lameiro, Cangas, Cotobade, Cuntis, Marín, Moaña, Moraña, Poio, Ponte Caldelas, Pontevedra, Portas and Vilaboa.

The lands of the Pontevedra estuary are marked by their seafaring tradition. Here, even the names sound like the sea: Ons, Aldán, Bueu, Marín... And, of course, Combarro, with its stone granaries on the edge of the water. On the other bank, at the end of the estuary, the Costa da Vela, with its cliffs and, overlooking heaven and earth, the Monte do Facho, a former fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village and shrine.

Pontevedra is the capital of the Rias Baixas. A stately city teeming with life, with the largest Old Town in Galicia, after Santiago. And attractions such as the "da Ferrería" square, the Basílica de Santa María and the Museo de Pontevedra, with a magnificent collection of Celtic jewellery. Nearby, nothing like a relaxing visit to the monasterio of Poio, of mediaeval origin. And 20 kilometres from Pontevedra, one of Galicia's hidden gems: the Parque Arqueolóxico da Arte Rupestre de Campo Lameiro. More than 80 petroglyphs in the largest concentration of rock engravings in Europe, including "A Laxe dos Carballos" a riveting hunting scene of a beautiful deer.


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