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Valdeorras Wine Route


Valdeorras Wine Route

The quality of the Valdeorras’ wines make it a reference in the wine sector...


The valley of the River Navea

The valley of the River Navea

The valley of the River Navea is a protected landscape. It is dominated by trees, such as the large forest of San Xoán de Río or the famous chestnuts in the district of Trives...


Manzaneda - Trevinca


The geo-destination, Manzaneda - Trevinca, contains the municipalities:  A Pobra de Trives, A Rúa, A Veiga, Carballeda de Valdeorras, Chandrexa de Queixa, Larouco, Manzaneda, O Barco de Valdeorras, O Bolo, Petín, Rubiá, San Xoán de Río and Vilamartín de Valdeorras.

Cabeza Grande in Manzaneda – nearly 1,800 metres above sea level –, and Pena Trevinca – 2,217 metres high – are the rooftops of Galicia. A white Galicia that seems to touch the sky.

In the municipality of O Bolo, the majestic Baroque sanctuary of "As Ermidas" looks at the sky from a deep gorge of the River Bibei, since it was built to be viewed from above.

In the Macizo Central, Manzaneda is the only ski resort in Galicia. It is also a mountain resort open all year where one can enjoy sports and nature tourism. The mountains of Pena Trevinca are a protected nature reserve. Its summits are crowned by glacial lakes such as Ocelo or the Lagoa da Serpe, with the purest and most crystalline of water. This is a Special Protection Area for Birds, the ideal place for lovers of bird-watching tourism. There are also great hiking trails, river tourism in the reservoir of A Veiga and a hidden gem, the Teixadal de Casaio, one of the largest yew forest in Europe.


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