Numerous floats, some articulated and boasting great artistic value, are the highlight of the solemn Holy Week processions in Viveiro. The local confraternities and brotherhoods fill the town's streets with an intimate religious atmosphere. Eucharists, Stations of the Cross, drumming and more ... all leading up to the major holy days.

The most fascinating celebrations begin on Maundy Thursday with two processions, the Last Supper and the Prendimiento (Arrest of Jesus). The float for the first was created in 1808 by an artisan who used sailors from the port in neighbouring San Cibrao as models for the figures of the Apostles. The second is organized by the Brotherhood of the Prendimiento, whose members are easy to spot in their red and white tunics and hoods.

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The procession of the Encuentro (Meeting) is held on the morning of Good Friday. This is another moving ceremony, which includes Christ falling, as well as figures of Our Lady of Sorrows, St. John and Veronica. It is followed with great interest by crowds from both balconies and streets. In the afternoon, the Desenclavo (Descent from the Cross) is followed by the procession of the Santo Entierro (Holy Burial), the most magnificent of all. The float is carried by people dressed in black ankle-length tunics and a large hood with a mask.