Private camellias...

Never has a public garden been so private.

The garden of the Quiñones de León Pazo in Castrelos gives off such an intimate feeling, that the visitor gets the impression of wandering through a private garden, as a guest of the family. The garden’s welcome is so warm that each visitor feels like a part-owner, lord and master of all he or she surveys, during the visit: coats of arms carved in stone, flowerbeds, fountains.

And if the wise traveller has decided to visit Quiñones de León during the Winter season, he will be able to fully enjoy all of the camellias’ outburst of color.

It is only an illusion, but a true one: from late February on, the camellias in Quiñones de León perform one botanical exploit after the other. For example, the feat of displaying two flowers of different colours
on the same branch. The “Methuselah” of the camellias has been carrying out the same miracle amid the box hedges and flowerbeds of the French Garden ever since 1860, or even earlier.

But the camellias of the English Garden, the Rose Garden, or the ones which, like chinese lanterns, illuminate a disquieting cave of dark foliage, they just keep on carrying out their everyday miracle before the eyes of their proud owner who is yours the traveller, as you explore the Pazo.

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