A garden with the soul of a museum....

The camellias of Quinteiro da Cruz light up a garden with the soul of a museum. A collection of unique and unusual pieces blossom within the box hedges which separate the flowerbeds from the pathways. There are arbours, hidden nooks and crannies and stone steps, leading at last to a landscape full of vineyards.


Elusive, and by their nature unique, the camellias in Quinteiro da Cruz spread all through the garden towards the beginning of February, splashing colour everywhere and their vivid sparks glimmer through the dark box hedges. When they die, their glory is truly a monument.

This heritage of beauty gets more impressive each new Winter with the arrival of countless new varieties which make up an exhibition of beauty which is for our time and for all times. Camellias from the Orient (Viet Nam, Japan and China), sometimes (dare one say it) from the realm of imagination. This is the world where flowers are fine Art.

Ephemeral, serene. Avant garde black-red camellias with freckly petals, true masterpieces to be found in Quinteiro da Cruz.

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