With a surface area of 6,600 meters squared for exhibitions, on three stories, it is to host temporary exhibitions of great relevance, with the opportunity to show installations that cannot be exhibited elsewhere in other cultural centers of Galicia for their size.

Together with the exhibitions, the Museum will deploy a range of training and dissemination events that will make it an active, continuously updated center.

The spectacular facade, nearly 43 meters high, and the surface area of over 16,000 m2 render the Museum a unique building with many useful opportunities at the City of Culture of Galicia.


  • Level 1 - (4.460 m2 built-up area): Technical spaces, storerooms, workshops, loading and unloading areas and facilities.
  • Level 2 - (5.994 m2 built-up area): Temporary exhibitions, museum services, security, conservation and warehouses.
  • Level 3 - (4.079 m2 built-up area): Main access, information, cloakroom, temporary exhibitions, seminars, classroom and commercial areas.
  • Level 4 - (2.704 m2 built-up area): Administration and management services. Exhibition area.
  • Level 5 - (1.963 m2 built-up area): Exhibition area.
  • Level 6 - (1.534 m2 built-up area): Exhibition area.