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Ribadeo - Lugo

43º 32' 14.1" N - 7º 02' 23.8" W

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The Praza do Campo square features an outstanding collection of buildings, as facing on to this green space are a series of monumental structures such as the Pazo Ibáñez, a mansion currently used as the Town Hall, Neo-Classic in style and dating from the late eighteenth century, and the former residence of the Marquis of Sargadelos; and the Casa dos Moreno, a magnificent example of one of the homes built by emigrants returning from the Americas, built in the early twentieth century, with a fantastic circular tower that serves as a lookout point on one of its corners. The same square also includes the Convent of Santa Clara, founded in the eleventh century but reconstructed in the fourteenth, and the Church of Santa María do Campo, once the convent of San Francisco. Of its original thirteenth-century Gothic layout, two portals, the arch of triumph and part of the cloister remain. Its main altarpiece, an excellent piece of work, is Baroque. Another interesting building is the Aduana Vella or old Customs House, Neo-Classic and dating from the eighteenth century. Nearby is the Casa das Letras, a private foundation with exhibitions of works by local writers, documents and other items.

Port of Porcillán, on the shore of the estuary at the lower end of Ribadeo is an evocative place of past maritime glory, which today contains a well-proportioned marina. Nearby is the Atalaia or lookout post over the Estuary of Eo, and the Chapel of A Trindade, with a fourteenth century portal, Baroque altarpiece and a Holy Trinity from the sixteenth century in its interior.

Do not miss

Xira de Santa Cruz and the Día da Gaita Galega (Galician Bagpipe day) held on the first Sunday in August. This hugely popular romería or festival is a picturesque compilation of religious celebrations combined with folk music, competitions to make the best queimadas (a drink made with flambéed grape spirit) and tastings of local produce. Declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

Festa da Virxe do Campo, 8 September although spread over several days. Giants, characters with giant painted heads and puppets all spill out on to the streets, with the main events including plays, concerts and the Galician Book Fair.

Singular village

The maritime atmosphere of Ribadeo can be enjoyed thanks to the coastal walkway that runs from the banks of the Porcillán all the way to a former mineral quay, after a park, and from the Fortress of San Damián, a reminder of the times when pirates scourged the coast, from where we have magnificent views over the beautiful landscape of the estuary, both the Galician and Asturian side on the other shore.

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