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Vilalba - Lugo

43º 17' 47.5" N - 7º 40' 55.9" W

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To know

When visiting Vilalba, the best starting point is the square of Suso Gallego, where A Pravia, an old, symbolic maple tree, welcomes us to the town. Here we also find the Fonte da Carretera, a fountain much loved by local inhabitants, and the House of Culture, which contains the Museum of Archaeology and Prehistory, containing remains from several archaeological sites throughout the region, and with an exhibition of the different cultures that settled in Galicia from Paleolithic times until the Roman invasion. Near the square is the old Homage Tower of the castle of the Andrade family, first built in the eleventh century but rebuilt after the Irmandiña revolt in the fourteenth century. Octagonal in shape and 40 metres high, it is divided into four floors and has battlements. It has several arrow slits, an arched door on the second floor, and a large stone boar on the fourth floor, emblem of the Andrade family. Today it is used as part of the state-run Parador hotel.

Parish church of Santa María, dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a beautifully constructed building.

The Carmen Estévez Municipal Auditorium is a fine example of contemporary architecture, which also adds to the dynamic nature of life in the town with numerous cultural events.

Do not miss

Feira do Capón, held on 21 December. Local farmers sell capons (castrated cockerels), generally in pairs, in an attractive, specially conditioned area for the fair. From 12 o?clock there is a tasting of capon, prepared in different ways at low prices. The event is so popular that in the afternoon it is possible to see pairs of capons packed in special crates, to be then sent to other parts of Galicia and Spain.

Monthly Fair: held on the first Sunday of the month, providing it does not fall on the first, this fair is for producers from all over the region, with local products such as eggs, rabbits, cheeses, hams and sausages, as well as a cattle fair and vegetable market, and stalls selling clothing, footwear and fruit. The whole event is further animated by the presence of open-air stands selling octopus, known as pulpeiras.

Singular village

Vilalba has a natural paradise around the town, which is well worth a visit. Here we find the River Madalena, with beautiful riverside landscapes. Walking from Vilalba to the mill known as the Muíño do Rañego at a distance of some 500 metres, we find a track that passes dams and mills, a place of singular beauty at sunset, when herons and ducks may be seen. This part of the river also forms an island covered with local and ornamental trees, which may be reached by a small bridge. There is also a well-equipped recreation area with a riverside beach and picnic areas, a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

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