On the Way of St. James



O Porriño | Ponteareas | Salceda de Caselas

42º 10' 14.3" N - 8º 34' 54.5" W
42º 07' 16.5" N - 8º 34' 39.6" W


Arquitectura tradicional / Etnografía / Interese paisaxístico
The route starts at the Alto do Confurco, located in the parish of Cans. At the beginning there are several wooden stairways and boardwalks to help us over some very uneven land, while passing by the stream of Couso that once fed the seven Mills of Laxe.
From this point, the route winds through vineyards, meadows, cornfields, fountains and villages; an enjoyable and beautiful mosaic that shows what life is and above all was like in rural Galicia.
Once on the Alto de San Cibrán we come down parallel to the river Caselas towards the bottom of the valley, where most of the houses and buildings of interest are located, like public washing places, windmills and the Peto de ánimas de O Carballal.
The last stretch of the trail runs through San Xurxo community mountains until the end of our journey in the recreation area of As Conforcadas. At this point we can choose between joining GR-58, the As Greas route, and returning to the Alto de Cans.


On the A-52 dual carriageway heading towards Ourense, turn off onto the N-120 towards Cans shortly after passing O Porriño. A few metres away, on the Alto do Confurco, there is a post indicating the beginning of the route.

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route


Duration (hours): 4


Length description: The main route is 10.13 km. and the diversion 2.70 km..
Length (Km.): 12.83




Altitudinal profile

Minimum height above sea level: 72 m.
Maximum height above sea level: 357 m.
Cumulative elevation loss: 389 m.
Cumulative elevation gain: 414 m.
Trail elevation profile

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: As Conforcadas recreational area (Salceda de Caselas) - UTM:29T X:535031 Y:4663545
Starting point: Alto do Confurco (O Porriño) - UTM:29T X:534669 Y:4669030

Horse access

Partially suitable

A plus

Budiño lighthouse
This granitic mass is one of the most recognisable natural features in the south of the province of Pontevedra. In the parish of San Salvador de Budiño (O Porrino) it reaches a height of 398m above sea level.
A place of pilgrimage for rock climbers, it is considered the birthplace of this sport in Galicia. Its walls are made of a granite that has large crystals in its plates, known locally as “pythons” and highly appreciated by lovers of this sport.


Travel: Alto do Confurco, A Galomeira waterfall, Couso, Alto de San Cibrán, A Picoña, Recreational area of As Conforcadas.

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

Cartography: Nº261-II O Porriño y 223-IV Mos.

Bicycle access

Partially suitable


Services description: In Couso.

Further information

More information: Galician Mountaineering Association
(see page 146)


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Kind of route

Small travel
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