Lourenzá fava bean festival

A festival that celebrates the varieties of beans and seafood
Fair/Popular festival

The abundant rain, the nature of the soil, and traditional growing techniques come together in A Mariña to produce fava beans of exceptional quality which were granted the Faba de Lourenzá Protected Geographical Indication.

Both local varieties of this legume are grown in the Lourenzá Valley: Faba Galaica and Faba do Marisco. They are sold dry, threshed, whole, and clean. The Fava Festival, running since 1990, has been a great opportunity for producers, purchasers, traders, and consumers to come together and plays an important role in promoting the produce.

Fabeiro fava farmers set up simple wooden and tarpaulin stalls outdoors in the grounds of San Salvador monastery and artisans and other bodies use the cloisters for their displays.

Tasting is only one part of the festival, which offers fun and cultural events, most importantly the Photography Contests, and has attractions for young children.

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