Festa de Exaltación do Marisco

Tasting of all kinds of seafood preparations in the exhibitors of the fairgrounds
Fair/Popular festival

Centred on the luxury cuisine on offer in the whole area and the stalls lining the port, O Grove has organised a festival with many attractions, such as concerts from well-known national artists and folk groups and the now customary Habanera Competition, performances of folk tradition, street events, and the dornas regatta.

Word of the Seafood Festival has spread beyond Galicia and each year sees greater numbers of visitors, enticed by the quality and variety of star produce from the Rías Baixas. The exhibition hall serves up the chance to discover and sample them all, either prepared using the most traditional recipes or in innovative new ways. Thousands of portions are served at a frenetic pace: seafood rice dishes, grilled razor clams, a la marinera style clams, lobsters, oysters, oven-baked scallops. The food is accompanied by pipe music and traditional dances which do not stop over the whole length of the festival. The gala event of the festival is the award ceremony for the Centolas de Ouro (Golden Spider Crabs), four awards given by O Grove Town Council to individuals or organisations for their services to O Grove.

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