Feira dos Santos

It is considered the Fair of the Fairs in Galicia
Fair/Popular festival

Viewed as the finest fair in Galicia, it dates back to the Middle Ages and a tax on salt in the area around the town. Tradition and authenticity are two abundantly present qualities in the Saints festival held in Monterroso, in the district of A Ulloa, in the very heartland of Galicia at the crossroads of two drovers’ roads connecting the Galician coast with Castille.

This agricultural and cattle market has been held since 1450, when it first appears in documentary evidence, although the latest research indicates the fair may be 800 years old.

In addition to the horse fair, Monterroso is the biggest market for seasonal produce: cheese, chestnuts, honey, meat products, and sweets. There are also around 50 octopus stands dotted throughout the fairground.

The venue also hosts live music and tastings of the local cuisine.

Monterroso is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a must-see for anyone interested in Galician culture and traditions.

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