Festa da Maruxaina de San Cibrao

Representation of the legend of the Maruxaina in the beach of Or Lathe and in the square of the village.
Fair/Popular festival

The Cantabrian Sea stretches out on the horizon of Mariña Lucense, a land of emigrants, seafarers and fishermen, who all have their place in the poetic Maritime Museum of San Cibrao. This is a town deeply rooted in industry yet inextricably linked to the pounding and relentless sea. The Maruxaina Festival, held on the second Saturday in August, is a public act of recognition and gratitude for the blessings of the sea. Its origins lie in the legend that tells of a mermaid who had a profound effect on the life of the town: some say that she is there to offer aid to sailors, yet others claim that she cruelly seduces and deceives them. Born by the seamen in a procession lit by candles and lanterns, she is taken for trial on Torno Beach. Found guilty of the claims made against her, the disgraced mermaid is eventually pardoned by the local people. The festivities conclude with music and singing, and the preparation of the typical queimada drink in the town square. The festival represents the coming together of ancient myths, traditions and modernity.

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