Festa do cocido de Lalín

It coincides with the celebration of the parade of carrozas, comparsas and fanfares of the Carnival
Fair/Popular festival

The capital of the cattle-raising region of Deza prides itself on its good meat in general, but it has made pork a symbol of its identity. In fact, a bronze sculpture stands in a street in the centre of the town to commemorate the significance of the pig for Lalín and its importance in the projection of its image abroad. The Festa do Cocido, which has been held for over forty years, honoured pork, a staple in the traditional Galician diet, to the point of turning cocido (pork shoulder, ear, ribs, sausages and as many parts of the pig as you like..., accompanied by cachelos, turnip greens or cabbage) into a coveted delicacy and the signature dish of the Galician winter.

The festival grew in such a way that the Sunday before Carnival marks the culmination of a month-long cultural and gastronomic programme that, among other events, includes the Galician Gastronomy Gala or the Álvaro Cunqueiro Journalism Award. Thus, on the big day of the Feira do Cocido, Lalín becomes a bustling place with people coming from all over Galicia who pass through the Campo Vello da Feira, between tasting stalls and other stalls selling all kinds of local products, and who fill the bars and restaurants.

The Municipal Auditorium hosts the celebration of the Capítulo Xeral da Encomenda do Cocido, with the investiture of new members, and shortly after noon, as a prelude to Carnival, a traditional, multitudinous and colourful parade of floats, troupes and brass bands from different parts of Galicia takes place.


Parade of floats and troupes.

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