Entroido de Vilariño de Conso

The big day is the Fat Sunday, in the that celebrates the parade of fulións and the party of the cabrito
Fair/Popular festival

Vilariño de Conso celebrates what many consider to be Carnival in its purest form. The boteiro is the star of the show and leader of the Fulión . The Fulión is a group of people who play their drums and wave their sticks in tune o the beat. In each village of the municipality there is a fulió and some boteiros, who dance to their tune wearing different types of masks depending on the locality from which they come.

La fuliada is a satirical and mischievous play on current issues: politics, religion or social criticism of what happened during the year in the town.


The domingo Gordo, the great parade of fulións as well as the Festa do Cabrito.

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