Feira do Butelo da Fonsagrada

The propio fair, where can buy all type of products gastronómicos of the zone, in addition to the degoxado botelo.
Fair/Popular festival

The Feira do Butelo in the town of Fonsagrada is held the weekend before the weekend of Carnival.
The Botelo or butelo is a local sausage, typical and unique to the A Fonsagrada area, that has its origin in the need to preserve the pork after having slaughtered the pig. It is made from pork ribs and other parts aftermarinating them and stuffing them into the stomach or thick intestine of the pig, cured and smoked with oak wood.
Although the Feira do Butelo has a relatively recent origin (the first edition of this fair took place in 1998), it is currently established and enjoys great roots both among the locals and among its many visitors. Many people come to A Fonsagrada on the weekend of the Fair to taste or buy this much sought-after sausage and other products from the slaughter, as well as other products from the area, whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery of the region.

In the Feria de la Exaltación del Butelo in Fonsagrada, this delicious sausage can beaccompanied with other typical products of the area, such as wines, cheeses, honey and typical desserts of the Galician Carnival, such as orejas and pancakes.

The fair itself, where you can buy all kinds of food products from the area, in addition to the Butelo.


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