Festa do Queixo de Arzúa

The programming of this party includes concerts, obradoiros and contest of cover and pinchos in the establishments of hostalaría
Fair/Popular festival

With more than thirty-five years of history (since 1976), the Festa do Queixo (the Cheese Festival) in Arzúa has established itself as one of the most important gastronomic events in Galicia, both for the quality of the product featured and for the interest of the scheduled events.

During the first weekend of March, this town in inland Galicia schedules three nights of music with leading artists, which is the culmination of days packed with theatre, competitions and activities for children, who can even take part in a cheese-making workshop. But, above all, they are days to get to know and enjoy this artisan food. The Association of Hoteliers of Arzúa and the 'Arzúa-Ulloa' Designation of Origin participate in the organisation of a tapas and pinchos contest that takes place in the establishments of the municipality on Friday and Saturday. The producers of the area also have spaces to show and sell their different cheeses, both fresh or cured.

Arzúa cheese, protected under the Produto Galego de Calidade brand, has its own 'Arzúa-Ulloa’ Designation of Origin and is controlled by a Regulatory Council that certifies that it was made using a traditional method, from whole cow's milk in the municipalities of Arzúa, Cuntis, Melide, O Pino, Santiso, Sobrado, Toques, Touro, Vilasantar, Friol, Monterroso and Palas de Rei.

One of the main qualities of this festival is that it combines a traditional activity, such as livestock farming and cheese making, with avant-garde artistic and recreational expressions, such as meetings of urban artists or music concerts.


The tapas and pinchos contest in the hotels and bars of Arzúa on Friday and Saturday.

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