Feira do Xamón da Cañiza

Exhibition of typical products of the region and crafts
Fair/Popular festival

The dry and cold climate of the Paradanta region, the ideal altitude and the right temperature: the perfect combination for the best hams, lacones, chorizos, sausages and other pork meat products to be cured to the optimum degree. This, together with the secrecy of the town's ham makers, has given A Cañiza ham an exceptional reputation.

In A Cañiza ham has been of traditional value for more than a century, and it is no coincidence that traders used to go around the villages and neighbourhoods of A Cañiza with the typical Galician ox carts, buying hams that were cured in private homes.

Since 1966, on August 15, A Cañiza celebrates its big day: A Feira do Xamón, declared of tourist interest due to its tradition, its unique elements, its foothold in history and the cultural values that come together in this celebration.

This celebration has many original features in terms of the decoration of the fair site (pallozas de colmo, which were the old stands at fairs so that farmers could display their products without getting wet or sunburned, covered tables with thatched roofs), parades with the typical Galician cart pulled by cows, loaded with hams, which was the old means of transport and the centenary cabezudos (processional giants) of A Cañiza.

The fair is also notable for the high level of participation of the Cañicenses people, who take advantage of the day to showcase other typical products of the town and the region, such as their cheeses, honey, wine and of course other pork products that will then be marketed throughout the year (the ingredients of the stew, sausages, loins, chorizos and bacon).

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