Festa da anguía e a mostra da caña do país de Valga

You can taste eel made in different culinary possibilities and burnt made in the traditional way
Fair/Popular festival

Since 1989, the Fiesta de la Anguila (Eel Festival) has been celebrated in this town hall to praise and popularise one of the most exquisite fish from the Ulla River. It aims to show the different culinary possibilities that this fish can offer: year after year new ways of preparing it are discovered, and at the last festival thousands of visitors were able to taste it in empanadas, fried, stewed with potatoes, battered, pickled or as Bella Otero (with rice).

Two years later it was agreed to celebrate La Muestra de las aguardientes traditionales (The Traditional Spirits Exhibition)carried out in each and every one of the Valga parishes, together with this gastronomic festival, and thus, the Muestra de la Caña del País (Country Caña Show) was born. In this way -the cañeiros- of the area can showcase the spirits that, following the traditional method passed down orally from generation to generation, they managed to obtain by distilling the grape bagasse: one of the most precious spirits of Galicia, caña from Valga.

The Festa da Anguía e Mostra de Caña do País takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the last week of August.

On Friday and Saturday, the liquor contest takes place in each of the forms available: white, roasted and with herbs. And at midnight on Saturday a popular queimada (Galician spirit punch) is enjoyed, following the traditional method. The queimada is free for everyone and more than 300 litres of spirits are burned for it.

Sunday, the main day of the festival, begins with the reading of the Pregón de las Fiestas (Proclamation of the Festivities), and the awarding of prizes to the winners of the Caña Show.

A liquor distillation is carried out according to traditional methods, with firewood and in a copper pot.

Around 2:00 p.m. the eel tasting begins.

The festival is accompanied by cultural and musical events that also take place on those days, in which the residents of Valga, visitors and tourists will be able to attend concerts, regional dances, theatre performances, exhibitions, sports activities, recreational activities for kids, and more.

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