Festa da Malla de Meira

The ancestral work of the grain mesh is recalled
Fair/Popular festival

Through this festival, the ancestral work of the maja de cereales is remembered, the activity in which the farmers separated grain (to use it for flour) from straw (for animal fodder).

Residents and visitors, who come to Meira for the patron saint festivities, fill the Praza Maior, where the wheat is transferred (it is grown on a municipal farm and is harvested for the occasion a few days before the festival), to assist in representing the exhausting summer work that was done by hand until the introduction of motorised machines. Residents of Meira and the surrounding area participate in the maja (threshing) demonstration. One part is done by hand and the other with a mechanical grinder, with a sound of great reminiscent and historical value among the people of this land.

Crowded popular food stalls, craft stalls, an exhibition of old machinery and performances by musical groups throughout the day contribute to increasing the interest and entertainment of this festival with a strong ethnographic character.


The transfer of the harvest and its placement in the Praza Maior.

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