Festa das Alfombras Florais do Corpus Christi

On the eve of the celebration, floral rugs are being made
Fair/Popular festival

Since 1986, Ares has celebrated Corpus Christi by making floral carpets that year after year are admired by the thousands of visitors who come to this fishing village. The residents, perfectly organized into six working groups, are the creators of this spectacular work of floral art to which they dedicate weeks of effort and which reaches a length of more than a kilometre.

Tradition, great showmanship and collaboration come together in Ares to celebrate Corpus Christi, in such a way that, when the procession passes on Sunday afternoon, the streets of the town are perfectly decorated. Ares smells of roses, carnation, hydrangea, sorrel, arborvitae and pine, among other natural aromas.

If making is important in these jobs, picking is no less so. Knowing where they can find the appropriate branches, herbs and flowers, the neighbours, together with the Ares Florais Carpet Association, prepare a picking calendar. First the green ones, which must be treated with great patience, and then the flowers.

Each of the six groups makes its own rug with their chosen motifs. Tradition dictates not to reveal the theme until moments before its completion. Hundreds of people participate in the meticulous preparation. Entire families collaborate in these works and kids, in addition to making their contributions, enjoy the rugs adorned with children's motifs.

On the eve of the big day, heading towards night, Calle Real and Calle María, next to Plaza de A Igrexa, begin to transform. An intense night awaits the neighbours in which asphalt and stone will have to be turned into a work of art. At dawn, Ares sports a new, flowery face. On Sunday afternoon, the footfall of the procession will erase this floral decoration, although the neighbours will not forget these powerful days that represent coexistence.

Highlight: The rug making the night before.

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