Festa das Cereixas de Paiosaco

Concerts, cultural activities and exhibitions are some of the events that accompany the traditional Cherry Festival
Fair/Popular festival

To discover the origins of the Paiosaco fairs we have to go back to the Middle Ages. Over time, the most important of them all became known as Feira das Cereixas. The origins of this unique celebration, the most important of the gastronomic festivals that take place in the Concello da Laracha, can be traced back to past decades, when the production of cherries was of great importance, especially in the Anllóns river valley region. Taking advantage of the time when the red fruit began to ripen and become ready for consumption, merchants sold a large quantity of this product at the fair on the first Sunday of July.

Today, despite the fact that the commercialisation of the coveted red fruit has lost importance and the production in A Laracha is for self-consumption, the custom of celebrating the already traditional Feira das Cereixas stays put, with swarms of people who, in addition to participating in the commercial activity, also enjoy the festive, recreational, cultural and sports proposals that take place throughout the week.

It is celebrated in Campo da Feira in the town of Paiosaco (in the parish of Lestón), which is the second most populous town of the Concello da Laracha.

Trade, gastronomy and celebrations are combined during the first weekend of July and the days prior to the event.

Sunday welcomes the central acts. Very early the neighbours are woken up with reveilles and sunrises all over the streets of Paiosaco. It's the beginning of the Feira das Cereixas. The commercial activity begins in the fairground first thing in the morning with the opening of nearly 300 stands, where cherries are sold, as well as a wide variety of typical Galician products, especially from the Bergantiños region.

During the celebration of the fair, groups of bagpipe players and brass bands liven up the commercial day and several of the stalls are reserved for exhibition and production of handicrafts, as well as products made with cherries, such as liqueurs.

On Saturday night, the best Galician bands and orchestras enliven the massive open-air dance that takes place at the fairgrounds.

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