Festa da exaltación do pan de Cea

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One of the most well known products in Ourense gastronomy is Cea bread, which is made following an old recipe in artisanal ovens throughout the municipality, and which, as is common in Galicia, has its own appreciation festival, held on the first Sunday in July.

The festivities begin on Saturday afternoon, with different workshops around the process of making bread or tapas that use Cea bread as their main base.

The Campo da Saleta, enlivened by tambourines, brass bands and bagpipes, is the stage where, on Sunday, the Festa do Pan de Cea takes place, with its opening speech and popular food, in which all kinds of Galician products come together, from wines and cheeses to pork shoulder, honey, veal, spirits, liqueurs, potatoes or organic farming products. The stands of artisans and traders of sweets, garden products, dairy products, oils and drinks welcome a continuous flow of people, and the bakers come to bake and sell up to a million pieces of the much-esteemed bread.

In the afternoon, dancing, musical performances and a free tasting of bread, sausages and wine put an end to the festival.

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