Festa do choco

Celebrate a gastronomic contest not that everyone or the world can participate
Fair/Popular festival

From the Ensenada de San Simón comes the choco (cuttlefish), that every year, in the first fortnight of May, takes centre stage in the town of Redondela.
The festival to praise this mollusc from the Vigo estuary began to be held in the 1980s and in its latest editions it managed to bring together more than 30,000 people who consumed 5,000 kilos of this cuttlefish.
The festival, which coincides with the period when there is more of this mollusc available, takes centre stage at a large marquee located in the Alameda park. There you can taste the cuttlefish prepared by the town's restaurants in various forms, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.
The gastronomic contest, in which everyone can participate, is, by far, the star of the Redondela festival.  The prizes are for 4 categories: the best creative recipe, cuttlefish in its ink, cuttlefish with rice and cuttlefish pie.
On the occasion of this popular festival, the municipality of Redondela offers visitors an extensive programme of festive and cultural activities where there is room for musicians, sports and children's games, among others.
The importance of the choco for Redondela is so undeniable that the residents of the town are popularly known as "choqueiros" or "choqueiras".

The gastronomic contest.

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