Festa do Melindre e da Repostaría Tradicional da Terra de Melide

All the action can be found in Praza do Convento.
Fair/Popular festival

Melide has smelled uniquely sweet on the second Sunday of May.

La Festa do Melindre e da Repostaría Tradicional da Terra de Melide takes place in the Plaza del Convento, a point where all the exhibitors gather.

Although for many years it was just the Fiesta del Melindre dedicated to traditional Galician melindre sweets, the festival of appreciation extended to all the typical and traditional confectionery of Melide and its surrounding areas. There are three products that capture the essence of the pastry tradition in the area: melindre, rico and almendrado.

The festival originated with the aim of protecting, valuing and recovering the traditional way of making confectionery in Melide and, at the same time, encouraging new generations to keep this traditional trade alive.  The so-called "Terra Doce" looks its best to receive the sweet-toothed visitors who come from all over Galicia.

All the action of the festival takes place in the Plaza del Convento, which includes free food sampling and displays of different products. The streets of the town are filled with music and dance by traditional musicians on a day filled with proclamation speeches, a children's drawing contest and a special souvenir for officials from the local blacksmiths or shoemakers.

Although melindres are most well known, (they are made with egg yolk, flour and sugar) and almendrados also have well deserved fame (made with egg white, almonds and sugar), ricos are the most authentic Melide confectionary.  This tasty cookie from Melide is made with cow butter, flour, eggs, sugar and anise.

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