Festa do Pemento de Herbón de Padrón

On this day, pepper harvesters participate in a parade of decorated tractors.
Fair/Popular festival

"Os pementos de Padrón uns pican e outros non" (Padrón peppers, some are spicy, some aren't), the popular saying goes. And the saying is true: despite the different theories, they cannot be differentiated (here lies part of the fun of eating them). But one point can be made, in fair recognition of the place of origin of the most international of the products of this region bathed by the river Ulla: that the famous and tiny green peppers are, in fact, from Herbón.

La Carballeira del Convento de Santo Antón oak grove in this Padronesian parish is the setting where homage has been paid for more than thirty years to the tasty peppers that, fried and well seasoned with salt, are the kings of the most typical tapas in Galicia, among various snacks and fish fry. Here, after a showy parade of decorated tractors, the opening speech of the festival and the appointment of the new ladies and new gentlemen of the Orde do Pemento de Herbón take place. This also recognizes, with their respective medallions, the promotional work of entities, people or catering establishments, and even the work carried out in its cultivation.

Throughout the day, the organization distributes around 3,000 kg of peppers for free among the hundreds of attendees, who can also enjoy octopus and barbecue in the tents set up in the shade of the carballeira.

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