Festa do Requeixo e do Mel das Neves

Festival of Tourist Interest
Fair/Popular festival

Every Good Friday, cottage cheese and honey star in Las Nieves, a gastronomic event that took its first steps in 1991. Visitors from all over Galicia come to this town drawn to the cottage cheese, which is enjoyed accompanied with the best honey from the cooperative or with Rubiós red wines. On the other side of these typical products of the area, the fair also offers dishes such as squid, chorizos in wine and, of course, music.

In addition, courses, conferences and seminars are held that revolve around cottage cheese and honey. When making the cottage cheese, only cow's milk produced in Galicia and lactic yeasts are used, without the use of any preservatives or stabilizers. Although its traditional use was as a post dinner snack, Las Nieves cottage cheese has multiple uses in savoury dishes.

Although it is very difficult to pinpoint an approximate date of the origins of the Las Nieves cottage cheese, we know that the pilgrims who took the so-called Camino de la Reina were treated to cottage cheese as they passed through the area towards Compostela.

For its part, honey is also one of the traditional products of the Condado and A Paradanta area. The area has optimal conditions for its production given the large quantity, quality and variety of existing honey plants. Breixo, eucalyptus, chestnut or blackberry are some of the plant species bees collect nectar from, from which honey then is made.


Cottage cheese with honey tasting.

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