Festa do Santísimo Cristo dos Aflixidos de Bouzas

The Vigo Poetic Pyro-Musical Festival- Vila de Bouzas is celebrated
Fair/Popular festival

Declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia in 2004, the Festa do Santísimo Cristo dos Aflixidos de Bouzas has great popular roots in its surroundings. Various events are held for five days, including the proclamation, the international felucca (traditional Latin sailing boats) regatta, the procession and the "Cidade de Vigo - Vila de Bouzas" Poetic-Pyro-Musical Festival, which is usually broadcast live on Televisión de Galicia.

Verbenas (summer festivities), writing and painting contests and sports tournaments complete the festive programme. On Sunday night, the residents of Bouzas, an old fishing village annexed to the municipality of Vigo in 1904, accompany the Patron Saint, on the shoulders of the bearers, in a procession in which the authorities also participate. This ceremonious act, followed by thousands of people, is followed by a great fireworks display. From the Bouzas docks and the Vigo viewpoints –Paseo Alfonso, O Castro and A Guía mountains– the spectacle over the Vigo estuary is admired by a large crowd.

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