Semana Santa de Lugo

Festival of Tourist Interest
Fair/Popular festival

Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages, with the Venerable Third Order of San Francisco, established in Lugo in the 13th century. Subsequently, with the Counter-Reformation that began in the 16th century, public demonstrations of piety would emerge with greater intensity, which would sow the seeds for the processional tradition of Lugo Holy Week.

The celebration of Lugo Holy Week is intimately linked to the privilege of the permanent exhibition of the Holy Sacrament on the altar of the Cathedral. Additionally, since year 1963 the Procession of Maundy Thursday has been the only one in Spain in which the Holy Host sets off in procession through the city’s streets. In the same way, on Easter morning there is an exceptional meeting between the Risen Christ and his mother. This privilege, together with other elements, gives Lugo Holy Week its unique character.

Lugo Holy Week has several religious, cultural and leisure events that make the city especially attractive during its celebration. This includes the Holy Week proclamation, the daily processions through the streets of the old quarter of Lugo (everyday of Holy Week; from the Friday of Sorrows), the Lenten Conferences Cycle...

The events that have taken place since time immemorial preserve tradition and the original essence, but it is also worth noting the evolution of the celebration in recent years, including new offerings in the activities programme. Moreover, the City Council of Lugo organises an increasing number of activities as a complement to the Holy Week and that have a major leisure component (hiking, cinema, exhibitions, etc.)


The Procession of the Holy Supper on Holy Thursday. Since 1963 Lugo Cathedral has had the unique privilege of the placement of the Blessed Sacrament with a solemn procession of the Holy Host through the city's streets.

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