Xuntanza Internacional de Gaiteiros de Monterrei

Groups and soloists from all over the bagpipe scene participate in this festival.
Fair/Popular festival

The celebration of the Xuntanza Internacional de Gaiteiros includes the following events:

Monographic courses related to the world of bagpipes and traditional music that are taught throughout the week with the participation of internationally renowned performers as teachers.

Exhibitions. Related to the world of bagpipes.

Craft Market with the participation of luthiers and artisans who exhibit and market their works.

Festival. This is the celebration’s main event, the one that attracts the most people and that puts an end to the celebration. It consists of a concert that is held on Saturday afternoon and in which groups and soloists from all over the bagpipes scene participate.

There are two things that make the Xuntanza Internacional de Gaiteiros unique:

On the one hand, the importance of its location, in the largest and best preserved acropolis in Galicia. The medieval town of Monterrei.

On the other hand, due to the fact that we are talking about the only monographic bagpipe festival in the world that is currently celebrated both at a Galician and state level.


In the afternoon of the second Saturday in June, the festival is celebrated with performances by groups and soloists.

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