Romaría Viquinga de Catoira

Performance of a Viking invasion.
Fair/Popular festival

Since 1961, Catoira has celebrated a pagan festival that commemorates the role of the town as guardian of the treasure of the Cathedral of Santiago, as it was a strategic point in the defence against Viking invasions. The West Towers (ruins of two of the seven original towers of a fortress that resisted various raids by Norman pirates during the 9th and 10th centuries) is the natural and historical setting where a Viking invasion of that time is recreated.

Dozens of young men from the town arrive at the mouth of the Ulla river aboard a Norwegian longship, the "Úrsula", making a racket and blowing their horns. Decked out with axes and spears, protected by shields, dressed in skins and helmets, and bathed in red wine, the barbarians disembark causing panic among the population, between cries of euphoria and sips of wine. At the end of the attack, the traditional country meal takes place, in a festive atmosphere, overlooked by the medieval market, with craft stalls and traditional Galician gastronomic products. The party then extends to the Alameda Festival, in the town centre.


Performance of the landing of Viking pirates.

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