Festa do Poldro de Muras

Festival of Tourist Interest
Fair/Popular festival

The fourth weekend of September is the date for this festival.

Muras is a municipality that revolves around their horses all year long.

In the mountains of La Gañidoira, in the heart of the Serra do Xistral, the Feria del Potro y el Ganado de Monte (Festival of Colts and Mountain Livestock) is celebrated every year.

The fair was the result of an initiative from a group of residents who, over thirty years ago, saw the need to highlight the meat of colts and other livestock from the rugged terrain, which are free-range. This maintains the tradition of fairs and deals between fair-goers.

It takes place on the fourth weekend of September. Ranchers from the entire region gather to sell and/or buy the animals. Other noteworthy fair activities include routes around the Xistral, horse rides for children, tasting of foal meat, different demonstrations and, of course, horse racing, which is a big attraction for the attending crowds.


The races and horse shows.

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