Festa das Sopas do Burro Canso

Festival of Tourist Interest.
Fair/Popular festival

Muíños Council is holding the Festa das Sopas do Burro Canso (Festival of Tired Donkey Soups), which is made possible by the recovery work of the Fonte Fría Association.
This food celebration is rooted in the traditional desserts made from wine, sugar, and breadcrumbs (which is where the odd name comes from).

In the past, locals would eat this concoction to be able to face their gruelling agricultural labour and the ingredients and energy in it would keep them going.

This is what, one night in their centre, made the Association members decide to pay a small tribute to their ancestors by holding this festival. So, one sunny afternoon, they tied up a donkey outside the door of their meeting place and made this odd dish. They then invited whoever was interested to come along and take part in the celebration. Over time more and more activities have been added to the celebration. They now include a Craft Fair and children’s activities. If we add the beautiful, natural setting in the Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Natural Park, the Festa das Sopas de Burro Canso is one of the most traditional festivities in all of Galicia, which has drawn in thousands of people in the first weekend of every August since 1993.

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