Entroido dos Xenerais da Ulla

Entroido dos Xenerais do Ulla,
Fair/Popular festival

It is an original celebration of the region of A Ulla, with references documented as far back as the 1870s.

The most relevant characters in this celebration are the xenerais and the horse couriers who, together with their horses, dress-up in vintage military clothing and other decorations. Accompanied by standard-bearers, choirs and troupes, they go through the parishes of the area and act out various scenes, known as antranques or altos. These antranques consist of a dialectical confrontation in pairs in which current social issues are mocked. The spectacular nature of this traditional Galician Carnival manages to attract numerous visitors to the region every year.

This event is celebrated in parishes of different municipalities such as Santiago de Compostela, Teo, Touro, Vedra, Silleda, Vila de Cruces, Boqueixón, A Estrada...


The unique characteristics that each antranque has in each parish.

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