Festa da Lamprea seca

Festival of Tourist Interest.
Fair/Popular festival

Lamprey all year round...

In the first fortnight of August, the town of Arbo once again becomes the World Capital of Lampreys, a product that has captivated palates as select as those of Álvaro Cunqueiro, Celso Emilio Ferreiro and Castro Viejo throughout history.

The Fiesta de la Lamprea Seca, Dry Lamprey Festival, is celebrated on the second weekend of August in the traditional "Carballeira de Turbela".

Throughout the day, you will be able to sample this delicacy in all its different forms at several stands, roasted, battered, stuffed, with noodles… accompanied by the best wines from the Rías Baixas D.O., which also has a stand, while enjoying the various activities that will provide a festive atmosphere suitable for all audiences.

Among the activities that take place throughout this day, we can highlight the Bicycle Festival, Andaina da Lamprea Seca, the crafts and antiques fair, the performance of our renowned folkloric groups, brass bands... and to close the party, the Taberna Song Festival, which last year in its first edition, obtained a great reception and recognition. Of course, a visit to the "Arabo" Wine and Lamprey Interpretation Centre, located opposite the site, is a must, and will allow locals and visitors alike to learn more about our main signs of identification.

The first dry lamprey festival took place in 1996 with the aim of continuing to promote this gastronomic delight, highlighting these other ways of preparing lamprey out of season, thus allowing it to be enjoyed all year round.

Álvaro Cunqueiro, in his article published in April 1975, on the occasion of the XV Festa da Lamprea, wrote that when he could not attend Arbo tasting the lamprea, he said: “And I am left without going to Arbo, without its warm people, without the friends who are going to celebrate the lamprey and with whom I would like to chat and eat by their side... Because being in Arbo at the Lamprey festival is being at a party."

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