Ofrenda del Reino de Galicia al Santísimo Sacramento

Acto institucional y religioso en el que participan las antiguas capitales del Reino de Galicia
Fair/Popular festival

The main altar of the Cathedral of Lugo permanently exposes day and night in a beautiful monstrance, and since ancient times, the Blessed Sacrament, apparently due to the great devotion of the people of Lugo to the Eucharist. So much so that it is incorporated in the coat of arms of the city and came to be recognized as a reference of the religiosity of Galicia in the seventeenth century.

Every year, on the Sunday following Corpus Christi, a centenary institutional and religious act takes place in Lugo in which the leaders of the ancient capitals of the Kingdom of Galicia participate: A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Santiago de Compostela, Mondoñedo, Betanzos, and Tui. This is the offering to the Blessed Sacrament and its subsequent procession through the city, with which many comply with the solemn vow they made in 1669, given the economic difficulties of the Cathedral of Lugo to provide it with an annual income with which to illuminate the main altar.

From 1925 to the present day, the rite of the offering is celebrated in the same way in a solemn mass: by annual rotating shifts, the municipal leaders of the seven cities of the Old Kingdom of Galicia (the mayor of each city or a delegate or representative) present the Offering.

Among the liturgical traditions, a band of bagpipers performs the Marcha Solemne do Antigo Reino de Galicia with bagpipes in three tones and percussion.


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The interpretation of the Marcha Solemne do Antigo Reino de Galicia.

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