Descenso Internacional del Miño

Once the tour is over, a popular pilgrimage is held enlivened by folkloric groups.
Fair/Popular festival

This sporting activity is organised by the Tudense Kayak Club and consists of a 17 km canoe trip down the Miño river starting in Salvaterra de Miño and finishing at the canoeing and rowing facilities in Tui. The participants take part in the cadet, youth, senior and veteran categories.

The Descenso Internacional do Miño (International Descent of the Miño) in Tui is one of the most prestigious downriver competitions for its winners, as it is considered "high competition" due to the level of demand required to finish at a good position at the finish line. Among the winners are Olympic and world champions.

Along with this competition, the popular Descent of the Miño takes place, which consists of a 7 km course along the Miño, enjoying the landscape that can be seen on both banks of the river as it passes through the towns of Tui and Valença, from A Ribeira de Caldelas to the facilities of the Tudense Kayak Club.

It is an easy, gentle route and suitable for anyone who enjoys the sport without having to have a good command of canoeing.


August 19 at 4:00 p.m. or popular event and at 6:00 p.m. to competition.

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