Mostra do Aceite de Quiroga

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If the Quiroga valley is one of the few areas in Galicia where olive cultivation and traditional oil production were maintained, it is not surprising that the Lugués municipality has held an exhibition since 2000 that offers the possibility of contemplating the entire process of this artisan elaboration, as well as a space for the sale of this and other typical products of the region.
This annual meeting is held in the place of As Farrapas in the parish of Bendilló, in the oil mill of Guillermo Nogueira. There, visitors can contemplate this process through two complete grindings that are carried out on a festive day and in which the traditional tools and procedures are used.
In addition to the stalls where the harvesters sell the oil, there is no shortage of another delicatessen from the area, such as chestnuts, wine, honey or homemade liqueurs, traditional music and dance performances, a tasting of participating oils and tastings of octopus and grilled meat.
The olive-growing tradition of the valley formed by the River Sil between Quiroga and Ribas de Sil dates back several centuries. Warm weather and fertile land favor the growth of olive trees, of which it is estimated that 3,000 remain productive. The result is an extra virgin oil, greenish yellow, clean and bright. The annual production remains around 1,500 liters.
Quiroga, in addition to hosting this popular event of great cultural value and unquestionable tourist attraction, as well as recognizing the efforts of producers to publicize the uniqueness of this oil, fully complies with the popular saying: Oil, wine, and friend, the older the better.

Highlight: The artisanal oil production process.

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