Tres viejas

Play to charge of the company Produccións Teatráis Excéntricas.

In the repertoire of these three, there are many stories that were told by old women, who, in turn were told them by other old women. A geometric progression of old women. The old women of Guti, Quico, and Celso never met, but they could hold a conversation with each other in the light of a carbide lamp or around a table draped in a vinyl tablecloth in village kitchens.

Story sessions are often séances, and old women appear to aid a narrator who gets lost telling a joke or making a comment about the latest goings-on and bring them back to the stream of the story. The old women who present them with incantations, stories and recipes, demanded and took their place on the stage. That is why this mutant show is titled “THREE OLD WOMEN (at least)”. In this exclusive show, suitable only for the most refined tastes, the deep glances, the hands worn by a lifetime of labour, and the keen sense of taste of the old women are made present, and there will come a time when the audience will feel the aroma of the honest stews of the past. And at the end, the spectators, with their mouths well and truly watering, leave to dream of the piping-hot dishes of their memory.

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